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Joseph B. Clarke is a five tool artist that has burst onto the national music scene and into the ears and hearts of music lovers around the world. Most recently seen on season 15 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as a member of the trio RESOUND, JoJo has made multiple appearances on various television programs. In 2020 alone he has also been showcased on Australia”s “The Morning Show”, CBS’s “Greatest #Athome Videos”, CBS’s “Inside Edition”, and ABC’s “The View”. A visit to “YouTube” and search of his name will take you into his impressive and ever evolving catalog of videos along with some of his earlier television appearances on BET’s “Joyful Noise” (2016), NBC’s “David Letterman Show” (2015) and ABC’s “Good Morning America” (2014). This singer, songwriter, arranger, vocal coach, and producer is finally beginning to be recognized as a global talent and looking to continue sharing his gift.


​ A native of Mechanicsville Va,  JoJo began his infatuation with music at an early age. His family recounts him singing all the way back into his days of potty training. The music would continue to pour out of him at home and he would soon begin sharing his love of song with the rest of his community as a young  member of his church choir. Singer would quickly turn into director in his young teens as JoJo began to direct choirs at local churches. During high school, his love for music grew exponentially when he was assigned not only as the student/assistant director of the all-male acapella group at Hanover High School but also as the vocal coach, arranger and choreographer for Hopewell High School’s Choral Program. During his tenure in these positions, the groups received several outstanding individual and group performances awards, including Grand Championship. Upon graduating high school, he became the music director for a prominent church in the area, as well as a facilitator for vocal clinics and choral workshops in numerous public schools.


A zeal for coaching and seeing others reach their maximum potential inspired JoJo to merge his skill and passion. The result was the founding of Clarke Vocal Coaching in 2013 and the vocal training of hundreds of students and counting. Alumni of his program include social media sensations Shayla Wynn from “American Idol” and niece Bri’Anna “Bri” Harper who appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Recently, Joseph and his niece Bri’Anna have been viewed on a plethora of media websites singing “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” and appeared together on "The View". JoJo continues to develop his students with the goal being an increase of their vocal strength, musicality, and confidence. Coaching and development remain a key cog in the wheel of his growing “JBC” brand. He’s ready for you to sign up and “Make a choice today to be better tomorrow”. 


JoJo has found himself as an ascending star, with over 100,000 views and followers across youtube and his social media platforms respectively. His newest single “Never Knew Your Love” will be released this fall and this summer, he is releasing a heartfelt and dynamic cover of "Never Enough" from the box office hit "The Greatest Showman", under the creative and cinematic direction of photographer/videographer Frankie James of Frankie James Photography. With a gift tailored towards moving spirits and a physical aura that exudes love, it will be hard for the world not to accept Joseph “JoJo” Clarke into it’s collective heart as it’s newest beloved vocal powerhouse.

Most recently, Joseph has begun coaching Whitney Houston's nephew, Noah Houston! Additionally, Joseph and his niece, Bia'Anna Harper are set to make a debut on a hit show this coming spring, so stay tuned!

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