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Trial Lesson:

Every new student must complete a trial lesson as the first lesson! If a standard voice lesson is scheduled before a trial lesson, the appointment will be cancelled. 



Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons. Students must arrive on time to receive their full lesson time. Students are encouraged to have a notebook to write down studies and notes.


Late Attendance:

If students arrive after 15 mins from appointment time, the appointment will be canceled with no refund. 


Age Requirement: 

Students ages 8 and older are automatically accepted as candidates for study. Students ages 5-7 will be evaluated in trial lessons before acceptance.


Student Cancellations: 

There will be no refunds for missed private voice lessons.  If a lesson must be cancelled, please notify Clarke Vocal Coaching by emailing  of the projected absence at least 48 hrs. in advance. If the student is a member of the Platinum subscription plan, 24 hour notice is required. Failure to notify within the required time period listed in the Terms & Conditions will result in a forfeit of the voice lesson payment. The student will need to schedule a new voice lesson appointment and provide payment for the next lesson.


Subscription Cancellations:

15 day written notification to  is required to cancel a subscription plan. 

No partial or full refund will be provided for cancelled voice lessons. 48 hour notification is required for rescheduling for Gold subscriptions and 24 hour notification is required for rescheduling Platinum subscriptions. 


Instructor Cancellations: 

If the Instructor is unable to attend the voice lesson, the student will be notified as soon as possible prior to the scheduled time. A new date and/or time will be coordinated with the student based on availability.  All make-up lessons will occur within 30 days of original appointment.



Full payment is required when the voice lesson is scheduled. If payment is not received the voice lesson will not be scheduled. All payments should be made at



Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner ( i.e. displaying respect for the instructor), maintain proper language (avoiding profane and vulgar expressions), and be prompt to all scheduled voice lessons. Students may be denied future lessons if required conduct is not maintained. 


All video recordings are property of Clarke Vocal Coaching, LLC

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